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About us

We know it’s a cliché to say we’re different from other Dentists. But the truth is, we are.

Not in a crazy way. We still focus on the important things. Your tooth and gum health will always be our number one priority and at Smiles of Diamond Creek we thrive on creating smiles that lift your confidence.

It’s the other things we do differently: The welcome. The chats. The bit of extra time. The Netflix. We don’t even smell like a Dentist!

We’re not just here for your teeth, we’re here for all of you.

How do we do that?

It’s easy. We talk to you like a normal person.

We won’t wow you with dental techno-babble or leave you confused. If you’re having treatment we’ll talk you through it all step by step. We’ll explain it in terms you understand, and if you want to see a mock-up of how certain treatments will look before and after, then grab a chair and let’s get viewing!

Why are we different?


Because we love it.

At Smiles Of Diamond Creek we’re passionate about what we do and we love seeing our patients feeling happy and relaxed. Wherever you are with your teeth, we genuinely want to help you, whether that’s through regular cleans and check-ups, or more intricate work like implants and Invisalign braces.

Your teeth are for life. We want to make sure they stay in the best condition possible so they keep working their socks off for you, for a long time to come.

Things we do that make us stand out:

  • We perform all our Dentistry to the highest standards using Australian labs and the highest quality materials
  • We take our time to do the job properly and never rush treatment
  • We’ll always do the right thing by our patients, regardless of financial reward or time saved
  • We work hard to find the right solution for you and your personal needs, even if it takes all night
  • We make you comfortable and relaxed
  • We use eco-friendly products, digital technology and recycle all our paper products

Come join the family!

If you’d like to come and see us just give us a call on 9438 2883 or drop by and see the team at 94 Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek. If you’d like to make an appointment you can also head to our contact page and complete the form.

Need help? Call us on 9438 2883 today!

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