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Here are some of our 5 top tips to maintain a healthy mouth

1. Change your toothbrush

Do this every season and after every time you are sick. Lots of bad bugs can build-up on your tooth brush after some time and the bristles can also start wearing away making the brush ineffective.

2. Use an ultra-soft tooth brush

At first you may feel like it doesn’t clean as well as your normal brush, but give it some time and you’re gums and enamel will thank you!

3. Avoid consuming acidic drinks and foods

Acid can erode away the top layer of your tooth, called enamel. This not only can make your teeth appear more yellow and worn down but it can also affect how you chew/speak, feel sensitive and affect how long your teeth can last.

4. Clean between your teeth

Use floss or pixters or a combination of both. But stick to what works for you! If your unsure and haven’t used either, come down and see us and we’ll work out what’s best for you!

5. Visit the dentist every 6 months

Now 6 months may seem a bit tedious, but the mouth is dynamic. We use it speak and eat every day, so things are changing constantly. By coming every 6 months, we can make sure nothing new is happening or changing and keep on top of your overall dental health.

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