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Let’s talk about TREATS! Are they bad? 


Okay, so you have a bit of sweet tooth? Well you are not alone my friend and you definitely don’t have to completely eliminate any of those yummy treats! The trick is to be smart about it.

Here are some things to consider: 


When it comes to sugary treats or drinks, try to consume them quickly after a big meal such as lunch or dinner.
This is because our saliva flow will be at its highest level and will start to produce some buffering affects against the acid attack that come with consuming sugary treats.
The saliva in our mouth contains some pretty amazing mechanisms to help protect your mouth, teeth and gums.
But the buffering ability is something to take advantage of when consuming those yummy treats, so keep them around meal times and no later than 30 mins after.


I’m all for the 80/20 rule when it comes to treats. So 80% of the time you should be consuming healthy and wholesome foods. After all, where else would we get our vitamins and minerals from?


To get rid of sticky and hard types of treats or even just help the buffering affect of saliva, make sure to rinse your mouth after with lots of water.


Six monthly check-ups are essential to ensure you are maintaining a healthy mouth and that we can get on top of any early decay.

At Smiles of Diamond Creek, we customise a healthy mouth regime designed specifically for you that will keep your teeth healthy and strong.

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