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New to the practice? Welcome! Let’s get to know you a bit better

If it’s your first visit we’ll take some time to get to know you. Don’t worry, we promise to make it fun.

Smiles Of Diamond Creek proudly offer new patient appointments to residents in the local Diamond Creek, Eltham, Eltham North, St Helena, Greensborough, Plenty, Research, Wattle Glen, Panton Hill, Kangaroo Ground, Yarrambat, Doreen, Nutfield & Hurstbridge areas.

What to expect during your first appointment

The first time you visit Smiles at Diamond Creek we’ll give you a comprehensive check-up and dive into your dental history, so the appointment can take up to 60 minutes. We’ll make sure you know the length of the appointment when you book it so you don’t have to rush off.

It’s really important that we give your mouth and gums a thorough check at your first appointment, so we can give you the best advice and keep an eye on any little issues when you come to visit in the future.

What we’ll look at during your appointment

During the appointment you’ll be assessed by an experienced Clinician who’ll look at things like:

  • The inside of your mouth (the ‘open wide’ bit)
  • how your jaw joints are working
  • Your bite, teeth and gum health

We’ll also do a complete scan of your mouth to check for mouth cancer. This is called an oral screening and is nothing to worry about.

Let’s make a smile plan

Once we’ve had a good look in and around your mouth, we’ll start creating your own personal oral health plan. We’ll use it each time you visit us and add to it as we go along. The plan is for you and you only. We never take a cookie-cutter approach to dental plans; your dental care is too important for that!

We’ll take some digital images as part of your check-up to show you what’s going on in your mouth, as it’s easier to show you rather than explain it in words. We’ll keep these images with your records and compare them with any images we take in the future.

In most cases we’ll take an x-ray of your mouth and teeth, even if you’ve had a check-up in the last 6 months. X-rays are a really important part of your dental healthcare as they show us parts that we can’t see by just opening wide. They help us to pick up on issues early, so we can start treatment and prevent small issues escalating.

Finding the right clean for you

During your first visit we’ll check the health of your gums to see which type of clean is best for you. We’ll then either give you a clean on the same day, or recommend that you come back in for another visit. If you need to come back it just means you need a more thorough deep clean, this can take a lot longer and we don’t want to hold you up too long at your first appointment.

Payment made easy

We make payment easy peasy and offer a range of payment plans to help break up the cost.

We have ZipMoney and ZipPay, which offers interest free payment for up to 12 months, and Mac Credit which is perfect for treatment that costs a little more.

Head to our payment page to read more about each option and see which one suits you.

We’re ready, are you?

To book your first dental appointment just call the team on 9438 2883, pop in to see us at 94 Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek or head to our contact page and we’ll get right back to you.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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